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Suxzess has truly revolutionized medical marketing by utilizing previously unreached data to support and generate your marketing, no matter if you are a novice or a marketing pro.

Let Xmv guide you:


Confused about how to market your business successfully?
The Xmv system will guide you through the marketing process and tell you what needs to be done at what time.

Let Xmv do the marketing for you:


The Xmv system, upon your wish to do so, generates up to 8 fully automated eCampaigns for you.
Is it time for someone's follow up? Don't worry, the system has already notified you and your patient. Your Xmv marketing machine is working even while you treat your patients, relax at the pool or enjoy some sweet dreams.

Let Xmv measure your marketing success:


Interested in your revenue increase over the last 6 months? Or your rate of return clients? Or the revenue generated by each of your employees?
Xmv provides all necessary marketing feedback you ever need, so you are always informed, in real time, about the exact direction of your business.